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What is the price of the LostFoundKey tags?     

  • Pricing for LostFoundKey tags ordered over the internet is as follows:

A set of key tags is $15.00 plus $3.00 (shipping and handling) for a total of $18.00

Each set consists of two key tags, each with the same registration number.

NY State residents will be charged 8% sales tax due to recent NYS legislation.

How does the LostFoundKey product and service work?

  • LostFoundKey sells key tags with unique Registration numbers that are used in place of the owner’s personal identification information. Should the keys, with the LostFoundKey tag be lost, and then found by a stranger, the key tag provides information on how to return it to LostFoundKey’s home office. Once returned, LostFoundKey personnel will return the keys to the owner at our expense. A reward is offered and will be paid by LostFoundKey to the finder, if requested, upon return of the keys. The purpose of LostFoundKey is to protect the owner’s identity, and assist in returning the keys to their owner.
  • LostFoundKey maintains a confidential database with your contact information stored under the Registered Key Tag number stamped into your key tag. The Registration number is maintained in an encrypted format in the database for security purposes.
  • The LostFoundKey tag does not contain any member’s personal information. It does contain the following: the member’s Registration number; the LostFoundKey 800 number and website address; and, the return address (with postage guaranteed).
  • The LostFoundKey tag also offers a reward, if the finder should request one. Good Samaritans can just drop the keys into any mailbox.
  • Using the encrypted Registration number to protect your personal details, LostFoundKey personnel will access your contact information in our database, contact you, and arrange to have your keys returned.

What will happen if my keys are found?

  • LostFoundKey offers three methods by which the finder can return your keys to our office:
  1. Drop into any mailbox – return postage is guaranteed to our P.O. Box.
  2. Contact LostFoundKey via our 800 number on the key tag and we will make arrangements to have the keys returned to our office; or
  3. Contact LostFoundKey via our web address on the key tag, and we will make arrangements to have the keys returned to our office.
  • Upon receiving any keys returned to LostFoundKey (or hearing from a finder that keys have been found) we will make every attempt to contact the owner, using the contact information stored in our database, and to return the keys to you. LostFoundKey will initially use any phone numbers or email addresses to arrange a contact. Failing that, a registered letter will be sent to the mailing address on file.
  • No keys will be sent to any address stored in our database under the member’s contact information UNTIL we have contacted - and verified - said owner, and have agreed upon the appropriate manner for returning the keys.
  • If the finder requests the reward, a reward is issued but ONLY AFTER LostFoundKey has received the keys from the finder and returned the keys to the owner. We will maintain the finders name and address in our files.

Am I responsible for paying the reward, or cost of returning the keys to me?

  • No. LostFoundKey pays the finder the reward and for all costs associated with returning the keys to you.

Are there any additional fees?

  • No. You only pay the one time fee when buying the service and receive your key tags.

What happens if I change my address or phone number?

  • It is your responsibility to correctly provide, and keep updated, your contact details. LostFoundKey can be contacted via the 800 number or website address listed on the key tag. Our administrative personnel will assist you with updating your contact information.

What happens to my keys if I can’t be located?

  • We will make every attempt to contact you. If we can not locate you, or you fail to provide accurate return information, we are under no obligation to send the keys back to you. Any set of keys which is held at our office for a period of 6 months will be destroyed.

Does LostFoundKey guarantee the return or replacement of my keys?

  • NO – we can not guarantee that your keys will be found and returned. A reward is offered by LostFoundKey for the return of your lost keys, however, we cannot guarantee that if your key ring is lost or misplaced it will be located and returned. Nor is LostFoundKey an insurance policy offering to pay for the replacement cost of your lost keys.

What happens to my personal information?

  • All personal information is held in our database and used only for the purpose for which it was intended – the return of your lost keys. Our database is not for sale, rent, or available to trade to any other organization, for any reason. For more information, please review the Privacy Policy contained on this Website.




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